Kids Year Group

Year 3

Mainly focuses on covering the standard national curricular at a higher level.English and Maths only

Year 4

Consists of all 4 subjects within 11 Plus – English, Maths, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning. Teaching in this year group focuses on covering the subjects at hand in more detail with emphasis placed on ensuring that students gain a thorough understanding in all the topics within each subject so that they have a strong foundation in the lead up to the following year.

Year 5

Teaching in this year focuses on helping students to apply the information that they have learnt in all four subjects up until this point while going into more advanced detail for each individual topic.


Homework is given to all students on a regular basis focusing on the topics that were covered in that week’s lessons. Students in all year groups are given assessments at the end of every half-term, covering the topics that were taught throughout the weeks leading up to it, in order to monitor each student’s progress. In doing so, we can identify any potential weaknesses and work on way to improve these.


Exam technique is a main point of focus for students in this year group as is effective time management. Half way through the year and in the lead up to the 11 Plus examinations, past paper assessments are introduced on a weekly basis in order to put into practice everything that student have learnt and ensure that they are consistently maintaining a level that will stand them in good stead to excel in their upcoming exams.