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COVID: Advice and tips to help support your child in 2022

For the past couple of years or so we have been going through challenging and unprecedented times. There are aspects we can control, and those that we can’t, so let’s focus on how we can turn most of this unpredictable situation into some sort of an advantage….

As many of you will be working from home or self-isolating as a family, this is time to spend productively with your children.

Children need a positive structure to their day.  Setting a clear routine, such as a couple of hours of academic work with breaks and downtime is a sensible target for families to work towards. 

For those working towards an entrance exam for 11 Plus and 13 Plus, treat this time as a gift in which you can prepare your child.  This time can be used to build skills and knowledge, learn new topics and revise.

Knowing that your child has a regular session scheduled with a tutor can add a sense of focus and discipline to their learning.  It is also vital if you are preparing for an exam and need to know if they’re on track. We would be delighted to help arrange tuition for you, so please do get in touch.

There can be challenges when it comes to tutoring. We find that one of the greatest challenges facing parents is not knowing the standard needed,  this is where we can help. Please contact us for further help. 

Reading is vital as this will assist in all aspects of English, Verbal, Comprehension and Creative Writing. Daily reading should feature in your child’s home timetable. Alternatives to reading can also be used, so here are some ideas:

Storytelling – reading stories aloud with your children.

You can ask your children to read sections from their favourite books and explain to everyone why they like it so much. You could ask them to make up stories which will use their imagination and help them with creative writing.  This will help to build your child’s confidence, creativity and understanding.

Audio books – download children’s stories and listen together. Discussing anything you have listened to together will allow your child to express their opinion and you will learn how much they have understood and what you can help them with.

Interactive reading – read one on one with your child, asking them questions as you go and getting them to look up new words. This is ideal if you are preparing for an exam and have to learn vocabulary and spellings. 

The key is consistency, structure and practice! With these fundamentals every child will be able to continue their learning despite COVID changing what was once ‘normal’ life.

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