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Ofsted registered.
Corporate member of The Tutors’ Association.
Ofsted registered.
Corporate member of
The Tutors’ Association.


If your child is considering taking the 11 Plus entrance exams, we can support you  throughout this journey. We can help and teach your child advanced subject knowledge, this coupled with practice papers and mock exams will help them prepare for the final various 11 Plus examinations.

For the 11 Plus exams, your child will need to have a high level of Maths and English skills and be able to answer questions quickly and accurately. Your child can practise their exam technique with a range of mock 11 Plus questions in the time given. Here at Learn Log we will support your child in learning work accuracy and mastering exam techniques to help them pass.

The 11 Plus is an exam taken by many students in their final year of primary school to gain entry into grammar and independent schools. There is no national 11 plus exam and each school, whether grammar or independent, will set their own exam and each will vary in style, content and timing. The tests examine the student’s ability to solve problems using Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, as well as advanced subject knowledge in Maths and English.